Spooky Bundle

Spooky sounds for the spooky period
4 plugins at total cost €476 for €139
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Halloween time calls for spooky and weird sounds. And you may well be ready to create them using the effects in our time-limited Spooky Bundle. Orbitron can create unrepeatable ghostly effects. Transmutator would magically turn one person (music theme) into another while MorphVerb lets you combine reverbs to create imaginary spaces no one could imagine before. And you may bring your tracks to life the way Dr. Frankenstein would with FireCharger.
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Bundled Tools

Orbitron Orbitron
The Revolution in Modulation

Simple modulation can be boring and tedious. But imagine you could fluently crossfade between four various modulation effects so that each bar would sound different. Or blend the four effects together to create something unique. That is the approach only Orbitron can offer.

Transmutator Transmutator
The Art of Crossfading

A cross-fade effect can be useful but a simple blending of one material into another can be a bit boring. Fortunately, there's now Transmutator which brings transition between tracks, song parts or whole songs to another level of fun and creativity. 

MorphVerb MorphVerb
I'm Every Reverb

What type of reverb should be used on my track? Shall I use the Chamber or Hall? What about something in between? MorphVerb is a magical tool providing a unique way to find the perfect reverb settings!

FireCharger FireCharger
Charge your sound to max
Do your tracks sound dull or tired? They need energy. They need to get charged. FireCharger can get your mix or instrument recording to the next level touching just a few knobs (or just one in most cases). FireCharger is a universal processor with an intelligent algorithm for spectral charging and instant sound improvement, including emulation of an analogue tape and advanced exciters.