United Guitar Bundle

Power your guitar and bass
5 plugins at the total cost of $568 with a 62% discount!
If you already own any of the included plugins your price will reduce accordingly.
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Bundled Tools

Electrum $161 Electrum
The Mother of All Guitar Amps
Bassment $139 Bassment
Bass is the base
Quick AG $107 Quick AG
Bigger, better, brighter, smoother
QuickBass $107 QuickBass
It's all about that bass (and some treble)
Fix your recording hardware imperfection

About United Guitar Bundle

To mix any rock band you need to cover all kinds of guitar sounds. From acoustic guitar to roaring electric guitars and basses. United Guitar bundle covers them all. All premium guitar plugins packed into this nice parcel. It contains our all-in-one electric guitar solution - Electrum, and the ultimate and fast acoustic guitar mixing plugin QuickAG. QuickBass gives you a chance to come up with a great bass guitar sound within a second and Bassment delivers bass amp simulation par-excelence. Also, everybody who records their guitars without a propper DI box will love DIFIX. Last but not least the bundle gives you the access to the lightweight "Core" versions of Electrum and Bassment. As said before, all guitar areas covered.