Cookie Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are identifiers, which enable us to recognize your browser. No security-relevant or personal data is stored. Cookies can not transmit viruses, spy out data on your computer or send emails without your notice. Also, every web server can only read cookies it has set itself.

Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies automatically. You can disable cookies being stored or configure your browser in a way that it notifies you before storing cookies.

What kind of cookies do we use and why

Essential cookies

These cookies allow our site to work and you wouldn’t be able to do basic operations without them. Anything that we need to know about you during checkout before we redirect you to the payment gateway (Fastspring). Fastspring may use their own essential cookies to finish the payment process.

Uses of Essential cookies:

  • PHP Session cookie: maintains a session for the signed-in user, shopping cart and currency setup
  • Cookie preferences setup

Analytics cookies

These cookies help us understand how people behave on our website. Web analytics involves measurement, collection and analysis of user behaviour and helps us optimize the site for a better user experience. These are all third party cookies from well-established service providers which take your privacy seriously.

Uses of Analytics cookies:

  • Google Analytics: general web analytics, tracking of shopping cart behaviour
  • anonymous recording of user behaviour used to evaluate and improve UX design
  • Facebook Pixel: analytics for ad targeting on Facebook

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies allow us to target our ads to users that are more likely to be interested in them (targeted advertising). 

Uses of Marketing cookies:

  • Google Ads: marketing platform from Google, allows precise ads targeting
  • Google Conversion linker: used to help tags measure click data so that conversions are measured effectively
  • Facebook Pixel: analytics for ad targeting on Facebook

Personalization cookies

We don't currently use Personalization cookies

How to opt-out

Go to the cookies settings page and disable the categories you no longer want us to use.