We're United Plugins

Yes, that's us. United Plugins. The word „United“ in the company name represents the way we got together and the way we create. This means we are a federation of small independent developing teams that all consist of people previously involved in the Music Industry business.


Variety inspires

The founding triad is JMG Sound, FireSonic and SounDevice Digital. Our teams include artists, producers and engineers. We all sought the freedom to create the tools we would like to use in our studios in our projects. And we found it in creation. Our plugins may not be for masses though, but probably we create tools for someone like you. 

Thanks, Melda

United Plugins live and create because of the help of another strong and experienced brand MeldaProduction. They helped us by letting us to accommodate their super-easy licensing system which is why you can also find selected MP products at the United Plugins site. 

Use us, talk to us

We hope our plugins will find their stable place in your creative chain. Try them, use them, and give us your valuable feedback. We're here for you.

United Plugins is a limited company seated in Prague, Czech Republic (EU).