FREE Plugins

We all hate when plugins start producing noises or mute after their trial versions expire and force us to redo all the work we've done so far. Therefore, we decided to avoid the situation and give you a limited functions version rather than annoying demos wherever possible. The second-hand gear collection is quite significant now.


As you can see in the pictures, the free versions of our plugins simply lose some of the controls. When you try to click them, you are directed to the product page. 

Is my trial period work lost?

Not at all. This is basically why we do it. The 2nd hand versions of the plugins can read the settings from the projects. You may even open other people's projects created using the full versions of the plugins but you are limited in editing some parameters. And you can always swipe through the presets if you need more time to decide whether they are worth buying.

What are the limits?

In the list below, you may see what 2nd hand plugins are available and what functions they lose after their 15-day trial version expires. Click the product images to get more info about the plugins.


Limitations: No access to the details of the effects, while the effects still work if called from presets.

Royal Compressor

Limitations: Cannot access model switcher, autogain setting and the recovery time.

Electrum Core

Limitations: Can only set amp type and basic EQ and use the Intelligent input volume analysis.


Limitations: Cannot tweak the preamps Mojo and Type, cannot edit Compressors settings.


Limitations: Cannot switch preamp types, misses Mojo, Hipass and Output volume controls.


Limitations: Cannot access Compressor Style and Release time, Saturation amount, Doubler amount, EQ settings.


Limitations: Cannot access Compressor Type and Release time, Xtra functions, Reverb type and length. EQ settings. 

Bassment Core

Limitations: BC can only control the basic EQ of the amp, gain and dry/wet control. 


Limitations: Can only load presets or previously saved presets and tweak the Reverb model. 


Limitations: This can only be used to export your previous projects. 


Limitations: Can only load presets or previously saved presets and tweak the in/out volume controls. 

How do I get the free version?

It's easy. There is only one installer that includes both the full and demo versions. Just install the trial, and if you don't decide to buy before it expires, it automatically turns into the 2nd hand version. All the trial version installers can be found on the particular product pages or in the download section