The Beauty Is in Chaos

The recent digital world tends to line up everything. That makes things predictable and... well, boring. The beauty of life is in chaos and randomness of unexpected. And Verbum Entropic Hall reflects that which makes it one of the most realistic reverbs out there.

Verbum Entropic Hall Key Features

Unique sound

Verbum vintage style core is based on long-term exploration of SounDevice studio's vintage hardware collection with a desire to combine the best from both analogue and digital worlds. Since version 3.0 you may choose from 3 reverb models.

Give your tracks space

This universal reverb can be very clean and vintage lush but always gives a user hardware feel. Vocals, acoustic instruments or drums. All these (and many more - depending on your creativity) can benefit from Verbum's warm advanced algorithm.

Analogue heart

Verbum is not a saturation plugin but the feel of analogue saturation is strongly present. It's not just the graphics. Also, the unique analogue colour gives this reverb the feel. The Colour control is in charge of that.

Chaotic reflections

Advanced late reflections treatment algorithm ensures that your tracks will never sound sterile, artificial and boring. Chaotic reflections bring life to your tracks.

Oldschool digital

To get the authentic feel of the vintage reverb machines, Verbum is equipped with a "12BIT" button which triggers the simulation of old AD/DA converters giving your sound pleasant and interesting grain.


Although Verbum destroys the sound the analogue way you may polish the sound with Lush parameter. This special late reflections modulation softens and smoothes the reverb sound.

Make it legendary

Legendarism control brings up a special simulation process that enriches the sound with the colour and saturation of legendary reverbs.


Simply looking Ducking feature makes sure that your tracks won't drown in the reverb. It will make your mixes cleaner, but still, give them the space they deserve.

Hassle-free software protection

No iLok, no dongle, or internet access is required for activation. Our software uses license files to activate your software. You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user.

Realistic 3D yet flexible GUI

The photorealistic graphic user interface of the plugin gives you the feeling you are touching the real hardware. But it easily adapts to your needs. You can always drag the arrow in the bottom right corner to change its size - make it smaller to save valuable screen space, or enlarge it to make it easier to use.

FREE 15-Day unlimited trial

All the descriptions are nothing compared to putting your hands on the plugin. No saving limits. No noises. No boundaries. Engage the plugin in your project for real and fully exploit its powers for two weeks.

64-bit audio quality at ANY sampling rate

The plugin provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses internal 64-bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. 192 kHz or even higher.

Smart bypass

The intelligent way our plugins manage bypassing ensures that you don't get any clicks or harmful noises when automating the parameter. It also compensates for latency, ensuring that the bypass states are perfectly in sync with each other.

Free-for-life updates

Our plugins never become obsolete. We keep track of the current operating systems and DAWs. You may always update to the most recent version for free, without paying a cent, a penny, or whatever currency you prefer.

Verbum Entropic Hall Samples

  • Acoustic Female Voice
  • Heavy Male Voice
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Synth
  • Acoustic Drums
  • Acoustic Female Voice Vintage Cathedral
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Acoustic Female Voice German Vintage
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Acoustic Female Voice Large Hall
    • WET
    • DRY
  • Acoustic Female Voice US Vintage
    • WET
    • DRY

Verbum Entropic Hall Powered Artists

Emre Ramazanoglu profile photo
This is freeking great. I've been using it for a little while now and it's really great on drum room. Keeper!
Colin Edwin profile photo
I really, really like the Verbum, it's a nice interface which encourages you to fiddle and experiment. In fact I've spent waaaaay too much time playing with it! For me it's another time hole.... processing Drum/percussion loops, pads, textures and ambient sounds and I'll find something new or inspiring quite easily.
Greg Brimson profile photo
Verbum... it's exactly that and sounds like that. A top-end vintage analogue verb. It's very cool. superb on pretty much anything I tried, superb on vocals. Great ability to dial it in with the advanced section allowing finite tailoring to the track. Really nice.
Nico Hamui profile photo
Verbum is probably the most versatile reverb I've heard in a while. You can get real dirty or gritty, or you can go lush and legendary with a beautiful pristine sound. There's so much control from width to colour and reflection choice, it makes it very easy to dial in a great sound within seconds. The Legendarism knob is my favourite, having access to the 'cleanliness' of the reverb is a real game changer!
Aether profile photo
Very versatile reverb tool with great quality reverbs no matter the size
Scott Yahney profile photo
Verbum entropic Hall stands out from the pack in a crowded field of software reverbs. This hall algorithm has a wonderful vintage vibe that sits very well in the mix on anything you put through it.. truly reminiscent of the Great Hardware reverbs of yesterday. Definitely experiment with that 12-bit button it's fantastic.

Verbum Entropic Hall in reviews

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