Bihler is an independent Music Producer and multi-instrumentalist known for his unique atmospheric soundscapes and hybrid genre productions.


During his career he has established long-lasting professional relationships with many musicians and distinguished figures in the music and gaming industry, such as LoL Esports, Dr Disrespect, Knossi, Trap Nation, ThePrimeThanatos, Astral Throb, The Internet Historian, Sparkles, BunnyFuFu, Mr.LoveYotube, Ron Gelinas Chill Beats, and many more. In 2018 he started working with Riot Games, where he produced music for various promotional videos and events for the League of Legends game. 

Bihler's notable releases are 'Tilt', 'One More Shot', ''Owe You Something', and 'Rmx of a Rmx', as well as the Synthwave album 'Tape', which reached millions of streams on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud. 



It sounds absolutely amazing and it can create an instant retro vibe. It's literally one of the best retro plugins I have! Light on the CPU but doesn't compromise sound quality