Composer and DJ from Japan


Residing in Japan, Capchii is a composer and DJ known for their work in Electropop, Vocaloid, and video game music. Their consistently detailed, bright, and catchy tracks have garnered acclaim from listeners and creators alike, achieving over 7 million plays on YouTube. Capchii's notable works include the track "What's up? Pop!" for Project Sekai and the Yomiuri-land × Hatsune Miku collaboration theme song "Another Memory". 

Recently, Capchii has focused on producing original VOCALOID music while also contributing songs to VTubers/vocalists and engaging in collaborations such as remixes and commercial music game contributions across various fields. 

Particularly known for their punchy club music sounds and performances, Capchii has performed in more than 20 gigs within a year, including appearances at large-scale outdoor festivals and international events in 2023.


Quick AG

I found the transients knob to be fascinating. Not only can they emphasize the attack of an acoustic guitar, but they can also be subdued. It seems like a unique feature that could be useful when you want to enhance the sense of chords over rhythm.

SubBass Doctor 808

Monitoring bass can be incredibly challenging. Often, it's not until I go to a club house for a performance and play new tracks during a DJ set that I can truly tell whether the mix of a song has succeeded or failed. I felt that using Subbass Doctor 808 might solve such problems.


With its sophisticated UI, you can achieve more distortion and saturation effects than expected. The ability to design sounds is, of course, a highlight, but the presence of nimble, sophisticated presets that can easily be applied to vocals and more adds to its appeal.

Expanse 3D

As the three knobs indicate, width adds width, height adds height, and depth adds depth to the sound. It's almost like magic, becoming an essential element in my sound processing.


I enjoy applying it to the drum bus channel. It easily provides a lively punch to the sound without the need to battle with the compressor's attack, release, and threshold settings.