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JMG Sound is a one-man development team that created astonishing algorithmic reverb called HyperSpace. His revolutionary Expanse 3D accommodated in many studios around the world, and so did Orbitron and  Transmutator. For the first time, you may have all JMG Sound tools in one package. The bundle is time-limited and will be offered only until the end of the year. 
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Bundled Tools

Hyperspace Hyperspace
Shortcut to the New Universe

Hyperspace is an algorithmic reverb allowing the user to create algorithms made up of various processors. Vintage, Classic, Retro, Modern, Sci-Fi and Cosmic modes let you combine various algorithms with endless possibilities. Hyperspace will enrich your tracks with myriads of colours. 

Transmutator Transmutator
The Art of Crossfading

A cross-fade effect can be useful but a simple blending of one material into another can be a bit boring. Fortunately, there's now Transmutator which brings transition between tracks, song parts or whole songs to another level of fun and creativity. 

Orbitron Orbitron
The Revolution in Modulation

Simple modulation can be boring and tedious. But imagine you could fluently crossfade between four various modulation effects so that each bar would sound different. Or blend the four effects together to create something unique. That is the approach only Orbitron can offer.

Expanse 3D Expanse 3D
Sound deeper, wider and bigger!

The world is not flat neither should your music be. Expanse 3D, JMG Sound’s space enhancer, takes advantage of the most recent (and futuristic) knowledge of psychoacoustic effects to help your tracks explode into all three dimensions. This 3Dimension expander will make your sounds deeper, wider and bigger. Or, to sum it up in few words, YOUR MUSIC WILL SOUND SUPERMASSIVE!