Synthpunk Sounds For Bitpunk

by WA Production

BITPUNK Bonus Pack created by BITPUNK author

Immerse yourself in a dystopian cybernetic soundscape with W. A. Production's Synthpunk Sounds for Bitpunk. This unique product merges cyberpunk, darkwave, synthwave, and mid-tempo complextro, creating a sonic fusion that pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Paired with the powerful Bitpunk plugin from United Plugins, these samples unleash a distorted, aggressive, and glitchy low-rez sonic experience.

Explore a meticulously curated selection of samples at 100 and 110 bpm, specially crafted to complement Bitpunk's capabilities. The resulting sound palette is characterized by crunchy textures, bit-crushed elements, and glitchy goodness. Let your creativity run wild as you create tracks that transport listeners to a dystopian future.

Whether you're producing cyberpunk-inspired music or delving into the realms of darkwave and complextro, Synthpunk Sounds for Bitpunk is your ultimate creative arsenal. Embrace the raw power of this cutting-edge product, and dive into a futuristic world filled with distorted energy and intense sonic magic. Get ready to shape the sound of tomorrow with Synthpunk Sounds for Bitpunk.

This sample pack contains hand-selected sounds and MIDI files from the following sample packs:

What About: Synthwave Swarm

What About: Cybernetic Bass Music

What About: Sounds of Cyberpunk 1, 2, 3, and 4

What About: Synthwave Arcade 1, 2, and 3

Product details:

126 Synth Loops (+ MIDI)

87 Synth Shots

45 Drum Loops

169 Drum Shots (Claps, Cymbals, Kicks, Percussion, SNare

44 FX

5th anniversary 55%
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