United Guitar Essentials

Enter the guitar world
3 plugins at the total cost of €147 with a 80% discount!
If you already own any of the included plugins your price will reduce accordingly.
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Bundled Tools

Electrum Core €49 Electrum Core
The lightweight guitar solution
Bassment Core €49 Bassment Core
The basics of Bassment
Fix your recording hardware imperfection

About United Guitar Essentials

If you are new to recording guitars or you simply want to use lightweight amp simulations in combination with other effects you are probably searching for United Guitar Essentials. This affordable bundle contains Electrum Core with five amp types and over 300 cab options, and Bassment Core - the sophisticated multipurpose bass amp with dozens of cabinets. Both include the intelligent input option for the best possible performance. Also, everybody who records their guitars without a proper DI box will love DIFIX. And remember: You can always easily upgrade to the mighty United Guitar Bundle