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JMG Sound is a company founded by Jason Gibbins, a professional sound designer and ghost producer. JMG Sound plugins use complex audio processing techniques balanced with easy to use controls. From analogue hardware emulations to the latest advanced technology all with superior sound quality. Get that professional sound without slowing down your creative flow.
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SounDevice Digital. We‘re two friends experienced in developing tools and vintage studio devices models. Our brand is named after Boris Carloff‘s Prague SounDevice Studio where all the ideas come from. Working and creating in the studio we see the demands of modern producers and musicians. We imagine the tools we miss and the tools we‘d like to use. We do our best to bring these ideas to life so that you could put your hands on them too.
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There's no music that wouldn't find use for a little enhancement. FireSonic loves to develop smart easy-to-use tools, that can be put on any track to make it sound better! No matter if it is drums, bass, vocals, or the master, our tools will make your stuff sound hot!
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The famous Japanese swordsmith Muramasa inspired generations with his masterwork. The craft, the quality and the precision is something we decided to put into our work too. We are passionate about every little detail. We quench, refine and forge multiple times before we unveil our pieces and we hope to bring the perfection of the old masters into the audio world. Because music is stronger then sword.
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Instant Audio is a fruit of the first cross-brand collaboration within United Plugins. The FireSonic and SounDevice Digital teams joined to create a series of tools that would help the artists to achieve the desired sound… well, instantly. FireSonic brings its impatient (always-searching-for-a-shortcut) attitude while SDD tune the tools according to the long term experience gained while mixing dozens of record in SounDevice Studio, Prague.
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MeldaProduction is a well established audio software developer. We created over a hundred extremely versatile and creative tools. Those are proud leaders in multi-band processing, modulation and other fields. Here on UnitedPlugins we bring you the best and most unique of these marvelous tools.
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