Royal Compressor v1.3 and more...

Important update for all UP plugins just released

08/16/19 | JT

We listen to our users‘ voices and we try to fulfil your wishes to make your work with our plugins as easy as possible. Therefore we are coming with an important update for Royal Compressor and other UP plugins.

Soundevice Digital proudly announces version 1.3 of the favoured Royal Compressor, vintage-style hardware emulating plugin. The users demanded adding a few features. So version 1.3 now includes phase-shifting function.

Soundevice discarded the "useless" Fuse added Dry/Wet control so that you could take advantage of the parallel processing. (Preset stored with previous versions will set the parameter to 100% wet).

Users can also use new Trim control to calibrate the overall effect volume (0 to -100dB). A few bugs were also fixed. Some systems wrongly reported the Release parameter values. That is now fixed. Also, minor performance and compatibility improvements were added. 

The update is free for current users - download it from the product page. The free Second-Hand version is updated, too. But the changes concern only internal fixes. No extra features added.  

Have you not tried Royal Compressor yet? Get the free fully working 15-days trial version.

FireCobra and Hyperspace

Not only Royal Compressor has been updated. Major improvements have been made on the core of all United Plugins effects (that includes Hyperspace, FireCobra and close future releases).

Added support for VST2 getProgramName used for example by Akai VIP to browse through plugin's presets.

Performance improvements for loading and initialization.

Removed text edit for parameters, where it didn't make sense.

GPU acceleration can now be disabled from the right-click menu.