Black Friday Sales

All original UP plugins with 60% discount

11/17/19 | JT

The long-awaited date is coming. Of course, everybody's waiting for Black Friday sales. But we are bringing them a bit early this year ;).

Yes, really, we made the Black Friday period last a bit longer. There's a chance you are not familiar with our plugins, yet. So we would like to give you a chance to test them thoroughly and exploit at least a greater part of the 15-days trial period before you become sure our plugins are what suits your projects best. 

From November 18 till December 2 you may buy all United Plugins original products with 60% discount. The prices are as follows:

FireCobra €129/€52

Royal Compressor  €129/€52

Hyperspace €129/€52

FrontDAW €49/€20

But don't hesitate for too long. Such enormous discounts are not about to come any soon ;).