Introducing Transmutator with €50 discount

The Art of Crossfading

9 September 2020 | JT

JMG Sound, the creator of the stunning-sounding HyperSpace algorithmic plug-in par excellence, is proud to present a new plugin that takes crossfading to another level.

Transmutator is a cutting-edge tool that crossfades between two inputs in a multitude of exciting ways. 

Simply place the plugin on your track and feed a second track into its sidechain input. Then use the Mix dial to transition from A to B using 16 unique modes. Invert parameter changes the behaviour of each of the modes - so the final number is even double.

Transmutator has many uses including transitioning between different sections in tracks (from verse to chorus or build-up to drop, for example), mixing between two songs (such as in a DJ set), or sound design (by fusing and morphing two elements together in various ways).

Transmutator only works with sidechain signals therefore applications that do not support this kind of routing (i.e. GarageBand) do not work well with it.

JMG Sound Transmutator is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €69. But you may grab the intro price which gives you €50 off (€19) off until the end of September.  

A 15-days  fully working trial version will give you the full experience.