Hyperspace updated

JMG Sound plugin to reached version 1.9

31 August 2020 | JT

Sophisticated and futuristic reverb with endless possibilities got improved and gained a lot of new presets.

Hyperspace is definitely not a reverb like any other. It allows you to easily create your own algorithms in a fast intuitive way. From vintage plates or classic hardware to super realistic spaces or out of this world ethereal textures.

Now, this beast has been updated. You may see the GUI has been updated. Several functions (like oversampling, eco mode...) got hidden under right-mouse-button menu to make the GUI more transparent and to improve the ergonomy. Also, the internal core has been updated to improve compatibility with the most recent operating systems and DAWs. 

Hyperspace version 1.9 also got a load of cool new designers presets by Zentralmassiv. Test how they sound by downloading the 15-days fully working trial version of Hyperspace reverb. 

Also, rumours say JMG Sound is onto something new. So stay tuned - you don't want to miss the next release, do you?