A new and important feature for FrontDAW

The front door of your mixes got updated.

27 August 2020 | JT

Front DAW is intended to be used as the very first plugin on every track of your mixes. The plugin adds gain and subtle saturation to them. Now the plugin has a new feature.

Many users have asked us to add an output fader to the plugin. Because Front DAW‘s anniversary is coming, we decided to hear those voices. From version 1.6 you may control the output volume of the plugin. The update is free to all existing users.  

Free Second Hand Version

Front DAW comes with 15-days fully working trial version. You may decide not to register and activate during that period. Still, you can enjoy the plugin‘s sound even after the trial expires. Only the functionality is then limited to one type of saturation, no hi-pass filter availability and Mojo set to 50% with no chance to edit. The output volume fader is available in full version only.

20% off (time-limited offer)

If you from some reason haven‘t got your license yet, you may grab the 20% discount (€49/€39) which is offered until September 16.