SubBass Doctor 808 Updated

A new and important feature added

13 August 2020 | JT

Just a little tweak that makes a big difference and widens the application range.

Although SubBass Doctor 808 has been released quite recently, SounDevice Digital listened to the customers' wishes and made a quick update. 

The possibility to switch off the lowpass processing has been added. It opens possibilities to use SubBass Doctor 808 even on your mix-bus or instruments that require sub-bass treatment but still to have to pronounce high frequencies.

By default, the switch is on (as it was set internally before).

SubBass Doctor 808 is a plugin that treats the unheard sub-bass frequencies that can be harmful to some systems. That is especially useful when mixing while travelling or when using systems that do not deliver sub-bass frequencies precisely. 

A 15-days fully working trial version is available here.