FirePresser Updated and Discounted

Summer Sales Continue (FirePresser 50% off)

14 August 2020 | JT

United Plugins Summer Sales continue with a 50% discount on FirePresser by FireSonic. Instead of regular €99, you can now get it for €49.

FirePresser is basically a series of simulations of four types of iconic analogue compressors. (Stressor, 76, DB160 and vari-mu) Instead of using several plugins in your tracks inserts you may engage FirePresser.

With a simple (drag&drop) move you may freely rearrange the order of the compressors. FirePresser's Rainbow Pad gives you control over the amount of presence of every compressor in the chain. Drag just one parameter to control all four compressors and achieve the best results.

FirePresser has recently been updated to version 1.4 which brings internal core improvements for CPU efficiency and recent DAW and OS compatibility.

FirePresser is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU host applications on both Windows (8 and higher) and macOS (10.10 and higher). As always you can get your 15-days fully working trial version.