The Revolution in Modulation

Introducing Orbitron by JMG Sound with €100 discount

February 8, 2021 | JT

JMG Sound, the creator of Hyperspace reverb plugin and the creative blender Transmutator, proudly presents a new and revolutionary modulation effect – Orbitron.

This multi-FX modulation plugin can be used to breathe life onto your instruments with subtle organic variations, fatten up your synth sounds with rich evolving unisons or create out of this world rhythmical spinning resonances for complete creative chaos.

4x12 FX

Orbitron’s unique circular feedback network that feeds the signal from each 4 FX section into the next and then back round again and again. Every section can be set to one of 12 modes, including choruses, flangers, phaser, special filters and more.

This cool effect can be used with just one simple knob. There is also a size knob to adjust the delays of the feedback loops. This effect can add anything from short metallic resonances to lush evolving reverb.

Intro discount - 78% off

Orbitron is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS (including the new M1 chips equipped machines and Big Sur – as are all United Plugins effects from now on).

The price is set to €129. But you may grab the intro price which gives you €100 off (€29) off until March 7. As usually, a 15-days fully working trial version will give you the full experience - don't hesitate to try...