Who created Nanopulse?

Interview with the designer

June 16, 2022 | jt

A few days after his newest plugin had been published we asked Jason Gibbins the founder of the JMG brand and the author of such creations as Expanse 3D, Orbitron or Mirror a few questions.

You've just published Nanopulse. Who do you think this plugin is for?

Producers, sound designers and mastering engineers. Really, it is for everyone using audio that has transients, such as drums, plucks, percussion or any sound with a prominent attack. Nanopulse provides a quick and powerful way to shape the attack character of almost any sound. In fact, some people have used it (with great results) on sounds with no transient. I am always surprised by how my plugins are used in ways I did not intend them to be. 

Where did the idea for Nanopulse come from? 

I spend a lot of my time thinking (even dreaming) about sound design and audio processing techniques. I keep myself up to date with most software  and hardware effects and synths. I enjoy reading the manuals of many products to learn them inside and out. With this comes an understanding of what has been done, what could be done better and what could be completely new. I put a lot of thought into it, and interestingly, more time goes into the concept than the actual build. 

What do you think is unique about the plugin. 

Nanopulse doesn't simply change the relative level of the transient (like most transient shapers). It can completely change its tonal character, too. Using the resonant frequency profile of other attack sounds to transform and shape your attack is quite a unique approach to transient design. 

How long did it take to develop? 

The development took quite some time! The longest part was selecting the perfect samples for the resonant frequency profiles. They not only had to sound great but also work well across a wide range of sounds. The list started massive, and after a lot of testing on various sources, I reduced it down to the perfect set of profiles. 

Do you use it yourself?

Oh, I do. I have used it on every track I have mixed since I built it. It is always a "go-to" for drums, and it really does make them punch through the mix in a pleasing way. I'm looking forward to the next drum sample pack I create, as this will be my sound design secret weapon. 

What is your favourite plugin? 

Of course, my favourite is (now) Nanopulse. However, I am currently working on something very cool that could claim the top spot. I have to keep it secret for now, but hopefully, soon, there will be something very special to share.

What do you do apart from plugins? 

Other than the plugin development, I am a sound designer. I have created many instruments for Melda Production's MSoundFactory and I make sample packs and presets. I have a great collection of synthesizers and drum machines that I love to spend time experimenting with. Other than music, I enjoy cooking and recently, have started to learn chess.

Is Nanopulse as mighty as Jason says? There's no easier way to approve his statement than downloading the 15-day fully working trial version and testing yourself. Note it is also heavily discounted until the 3rd of July