Ollie Dodge

Well-rounded audio engineer and hip-hop producer


Ollie is a well-rounded audio engineer and hip-hop producer who’s worked with countless artists such as Harry Mack, Coast Contra, RUN DMC, Prince, Yellowman, DJ Hoppa, Xzibit, Various Members of The Wu Tang Clan, Andre Nickatina, Far East Movement, and companies such as General Motors, SimpliSafe and Cobrandit. 

He Grew up in Massachusetts and started experimenting with recording and producing music in high school. With no clear direction or mentors, so he decided to move out to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue a legitimate career in music production. After graduating from Musician’s Institute in 2010 with the “Most Outstanding Student” award, it was off to the races. Ollie took every opportunity thrown at him as a way to gain experience and network. Whether it was running live sound for the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood or a Large Baptist Church in South Central, recording, mixing or mastering songs or albums for various clients, editing and cleaning up audiobooks for Audible, or creating sound libraries for Splice.com, Ollie has done it all. At the present moment, Ollie runs a popular rehearsal studio in North Hollywood, where he also has his private production room. He also runs his website www.beatmakersboutique.com which offers various products, such as sound libraries and drum machine accessories, to music producers. 



This plugin has started to end up on almost all of my mastering chains! I use it very subtly, but it allows me to squeeze an extra 2-3db of perceived loudness without doing damage to the mix.


Like FireMaximizer, FireMaster often ends up on my mastering chain. Having the wet/dry knob lets you dial in some extreme settings then pull back the wet until you have a blend that adds weight to the track without.

Front DAW

Sometimes people send me recordings that were done with a cheap microphone and a cheap interface, thus resulting in a thin and lifeless recording. When I receive recordings like those, Front DAW is the first plugin to be applied because it thickens them up and breathes life into them.