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Spearheading the hypertrance genre, nuphory blends musical and visual proficiency to create a one-of-a-kind mix of authentically nostalgic vibes with state-of-the-art modern production.


Effortlessly combining different fields of artistry into one tight package turns nuphory into a true artistic powerhouse. Providing both heavy hitting dancefloor tracks with their "darkmode" releases and relaxing, optimistic sounds through "lightmode", nuphory showcases versatility, covering a broad range of sound while staying true to their distinguished artistic signature. With numerous achievements in visual arts to their name, including work for Porter Robinson, Virtual Self and G Jones, their musical history is full of high points to match - with tracks garnering millions of streams over their decade-spanning career as a producer, inspiring a generation of artists to follow in their path.



Dropkick is awesome! It brings out that extra energy and roundness, saves a ton of time tweaking. Perfect for Trance & House. I use it in all my projects now!


Perfect to generate that little bit of extra background ambience to fill the track. Lots of fun to play with!


A new unexpected favorite in my collection. Extremely good for heavily processing drums into a total mess that you'd never come up with otherwise. Recommended!