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Paulo V. Meloti, also known as PMM, is a Brazilian music producer, YouTuber and founder of the online music production school "O Músico do Futuro".


With over 700 thousand subscribers and over 135 million views on his Youtube channels, including his productions, videos, tutorials and remixes/mashups, he's been studying and making music for over a decade. PMM has produced hundreds of artists from different countries and music genres, mainly in hip-hop and its subgenres. Since the beginning of his music teaching projects in 2019, thousands of producers, aspiring producers and music lovers have taken his courses/enrolled in his music production school.



I enjoy the presets a lot; I really like the Dust and Dirt sensibility to input on the Degrade section; I can add a lot of noise/distortion and control it later with the dry/wet knobs. The visuals are very nice; it puts you in a vintage mood, hahaha!