PLEEG, Pierre Garnier, a music producer from Paris, creates Electronic music since 2017.


Transiting from J-pop to the Electronic scene, PLEEG is known for his complex and innovative sounds while conveying happy vibes through his music.
Pierre has been released on several notable labels such as NCS, Bitbird, Never Say Die Records, and Rushdown to name a few and got support from many great artists such as Ujico*/Snail's House, UZ, PV Nova, Chime, Pandrezz, Hyper Potions, Fox Stevenson and many more.'



Everything I like in an effect plugin. A nice and easy to use interface to do complex things. The multiple ways to freeze the sound give us insane creative possibilities. And a multitude of great presets that make Cryostasis an important element of my next music productions!

SubBass Doctor 808

This plugin is perfectly what I was looking for at the moment. It's easy to bring out the basses in a natural way with a very nice saturation. SubBass Doctor 808 saves my mixes!


A pleasure to use, extremely accurate and relevant when finalizing tracks. I recommend MasterMind 100%.


Before, when I plugged in my guitar, I always hesitated between several plugins without ever being 100% satisfied, now I instantly choose Electrum for its ease of use and efficiency!


The results are so impressive! FireMaximizer is the kind of plugin that once you use it for the first time, you know it will become essential for all of your future productions. A must-have.


Initially, I intended to use Retronaut only on my guitar, but I couldn't resist using it on other instruments and the result is amazing. I found myself experimenting with unique combinations of the plugin and various instruments. This allowed me to achieve new sounds that I wouldn't have been able to achieve without the use of Retronaut.


Wow, after using Pluralis on various types of sounds, I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised by its performance. The advanced features it offers allow for the creation of really interesting sound effects and the wide selection of presets is cool (the "Ambient Delay" one is beautiful). Perfect delay! (and visually, it's very pleasing)