Ultimate FireSonic Bundle

Fire up your tracks
5 plugins at the total cost of €575 with a 61% discount!
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FireSonic is UnitedPlugins' number one enhancers developer. They love to develop smart easy-to-use tools that can be put on any track to make it sound better! Usually, you have to tweak just one knob to hear a significant improvement in your tracks. No matter if you need to tweak your bass, guitar, vocal, drums or the master track, these tools will get you to your goal within a few seconds. The bundle contains FireCobra, an intelligent audio enhancer, FirePresser, four classic compressors blender, FireMaster, the ultimate finisher and FireCharger - the track energizer. 

Bundled Tools

FirePresser FirePresser
One to Rule Them All

A secret trick to get natural yet powerful sounding compression is to use multiple compressors in series. FirePresser offers you four of the most iconic analogue compressor emulations in a simple interface, which lets you blend all of them easily and get lush analogue compression to any material in no time.

FireCharger FireCharger
Charge your sound to max
Do your tracks sound dull or tired? They need energy. They need to get charged. FireCharger can get your mix or instrument recording to the next level touching just a few knobs (or just one in most cases). FireCharger is a universal processor with an intelligent algorithm for spectral charging and instant sound improvement, including emulation of an analogue tape and advanced exciters.
FireCobra FireCobra
Intelligence in Audio Enhancing

FireCobra combines the accuracy of the digital world with the live randomness of the analogue. Behind its simple user interface, there's more technology than you'd expect. FireCobra intelligently analyses the audio signal and makes it sound punchier, more powerful and better in general. It makes the mixes better with nearly no time wasted on setting it up. Just put it on every track you'd like to enhance and set how much. Quick and easy and sounds unbelievable.

FireMaster FireMaster
The Cherry on Top

Your track is already great but you still feel it needs a little extra polish. A gentle push to perfection. That so-called cherry on top is FireSonic's FireMaster. This ultimate finisher and sonic exciter will give your tracks more body, air and perfect balance.

FireMaximizer FireMaximizer
Nitro power for your mixes

Loudness war may be over, but sound still matters. Some tracks require punchy, aggressive sound; others need a clean and transparent finish. Limiters are often too smooth, and clippers too aggressive... How about combining them? FireMaximizer provides pristine clipper, saturator, limiter and multiband limiter algorithms and allows you to blend between them to get the exact ratio of digital and analogue grit and transparency your master (or individual instruments) needs!