Victor Sologub

Victor Sologub
Russian musician, artist, producer


Recorded over 10 albums and music for more than 30 films

Victor was Born in Leningrad, USSR in 1957. He graduated at the Physical and Mathematical School in 1975, Polytechnic Institute in 1981. He worked as a hydraulic engineer, builder for 10 years . In childhood, he studied at the music school in piano and later the jazz piano and guitar in music college.

1972 - first cover band

1979- 1985 -popular ska band “Strange Gameс” (Странные Игры)

since 1986 - popular Post punk band Games» (Игры)

In the late 80s Victor became interested in heavy electronic music and bought the first computer (ATARI 1040) and sampler (ENSONIQ ASR16)

Since 1996 -  popular Russian electronic band «DeaDушки

From the end of 90s writes music for films, remixes and produces young talents, Victor likes travelling and recording ethnic music. He worked in English studios with such producers as Greg Brimson, Paul Kendall, Bruno Ellingham...