Scottish music composer and producer


Jason Taylor, better known as Aether, is a visually impaired music composer and producer based in Canada but hailing from Scotland. Having formed the Aether project in 2013 and graduating college with a degree in sound engineering, Aether has continued to pursue multiple musical endeavours. His client work ranges from soundtracks for award-winning indie games to AAA game features, and his solo works have been streamed over 100 million times across all platforms."



Amazing dual delay with an incredibly intuitive interface and all the control you'll ever need.


Powerful compressor with simple interface and a punchy sound for heavy or slight ehancements

Verbum Entropic Hall

Very versatile reverb tool with great quality reverbs no matter the size


Not for everyone, but for those who can find a use for it, it's very cool! Big tool for creating ambience and sound design.


Great tool for creating otherworldy soundscapes