Introducing BITPUNK (76% off)

The Ultimate Plugin for Digital Degradation

June 22, 2023 | jt

JMG Sound presents BITPUNK, an innovative audio plugin that revolutionizes digital degradation. BITPUNK empowers users to manipulate sound through various cutting-edge bit-altering techniques, including swapping, crushing, inverting, and morphing, with its extensive range of bit-mangling effects and master compression, distortion, and hard clipping features.

The plugin's main focus is on bit-swapping between channels A and B. By utilizing various A and B effects; users can create differences between the channels, resulting in captivating sonic transformations.

Swap with what?

As a source for bit-swapping, BITPUNK can use its own input, its inverted version, silence or even side-chain signal from any track (The users are also provided with a sample pack by WA Production specially tailored for BITPUNK to create the coolest bit-swapping effects.).

Morph or grid?

Use the MORPH knob to smoothly crossfade between bits, or create your own custom bit patterns with GRID mode, allowing you to toggle each bit independently.

Swapping is not the end

BITPUNK offers a range of effects, such as rate reduction, square-wave frequency shifting, feedback and glitched stuttering and freezing.

BITPUNK enhances sound by adding top-end crunch, smoothing it out with filters, beefing up the low end with feedback, and applying compression and saturation for ultimate enhancement. Alternatively, users can unleash the full potential of BITPUNK by smashing the life out of the bits, deforming them with frequency shifting and glitch effects, and overdriving everything through aggressive compression and hard clipping. BITPUNK seamlessly transitions from subtle sonic magic to all-out degradation, deformation, and destruction.  

Try for FREE

BITPUNK ensures hassle-free software protection, a 15-day unlimited trial version. VST/VST3/AAX versions are available on Windows and VST/VST3/AAX/AU macOS. Download it on the product page.

Grab the intro price

Don't miss the opportunity to experience BITPUNK's immense power and dive into the realm of digital degradation. Take advantage of the introductory discount of 76% (regular €79 is reduced to €19 until the 8th of August) and unlock the limitless possibilities offered by this groundbreaking audio plugin.