Introducing QuickMuse (80% off)

The instant inspiration plugin

November 1, 2023 | jt

We are proudly introducing a new plugin which we build as first aid for anybody who needs to regain their inspiration. No matter what style or what instruments need tweaking, QuickMuse is there for you and the inspiring results are just one click away (or a few if you are picky). 

Are you tired of those uninspired days in your music journey? We've got your back with QuickMuse, our new plugin designed to reignite your creative spark. 

Ignite your creativity

With a single click, QuickMuse harnesses the magic of randomness to infuse fresh and unique elements into your compositions, productions, and sound design. QuickMuse's "smart" randomizer never repeats the same settings. It intelligently combines elements to produce unique and inspiring results. Catch the moment and let the magic happen!

Key Features:

QuickMuse is fueled by five core elements, each named after fundamental forces of nature:

Fire: Add warmth and harmonically rich saturation.

Air: Create spacious ambience and soundscapes.

Water: Infuse motion and movement into your sounds.

Earth: Enhance and enrich your audio with precision.

Aether: Explore mysterious and otherworldly processes.

No More Editing Hassles

QuickMuse keeps it simple with just basic editing options, allowing you to adjust the dry/wet mix of each element and their order. If you're not feeling it, hit the random button again, and keep your creative flow going!

Dozens of Presets

Not sure where to start? QuickMuse offers a variety of presets created by fellow artists, conveniently sorted by categories like Bass, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Synths, and individual elements.

Try it out

Don't let creative dry spells hold you back. QuickMuse is your ticket to musical exploration and inspiration. Get a 15-day fully working trial version, try it today, and experience a world of sonic possibilities!

Don't miss the intro pricing

QuickMuse is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAWs. The price of the magic source of inspiration is €49, but you can have it at the intro price of just €9. Just until December 12th, 2023.