Introducing Dropkick

Complete electronic kick toolkit with a 72% discount

January 23, 2024 | jt

Targeted at sound designers and producers of electronic-based music, we are introducing our new effect. Dropkick stands out with its 8-in-1 toolkit, each processor carefully tailored for optimal electronic kick drum enhancement. From high-pass filters to phase warping, users can delve into a suite of tools that go beyond the surface, ensuring a professional touch to their kicks.

Stronger and bigger

The core of Dropkick is the Phase and Power functions. Dropkick's Phase warp uses analogue-modelled filters, creating non-linearities that make for extremely smooth transitions and a little extra warmth, too. Like the other processors in Dropkick, these filters have been fine-tuned to work well on kick drums to get you in the sweet spot faster. Setting the filter's frequency at the fundamental and adding a little resonance not only boosts the bass but also removes unwanted sub-harmonics. That gives your kick some extra Power.

Extra FX

Each one of the 6 additional tools has been meticulously crafted, and each could have been a plugin all by itself. And you can use 3 types of limiters to add extra effects if desired. 

Try it out

Dropkick is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAWs on Windows and Mac. If you are not sure if it suits your projects, get a 15-day fully working trial version; try it today!

Don't miss the intro pricing

To celebrate the launch, we are offering an impressive 72% introductory discount for early adopters. The product documentation ensures users can unlock the full potential of Dropkick, making the most of its advanced features.