Transforming Audio Equalization

Introducing FireEQ with a 85% discount

March 1, 2024 | jt

We're proudly introducing FireEQ, the new plugin that transcends traditional equalization. FireEQ seamlessly integrates multiple EQ techniques to simplify the complexities of mixing and mastering, ensuring exceptional sound quality with every use.

At its core, FireEQ introduces vintage-style analogue filters meticulously modelled after revered equalizers, infusing your tracks with warmth and character. 

FireEQ boasts a precision-engineered low-cut filter with a side-kill function specifically designed to address low-frequency issues in stereo imaging. This innovative feature eliminates unwanted stereo content in the low end, resulting in a tighter and cleaner sound that translates well across different playback systems.

One of FireEQ's standout features is its Dark/Bright balance knob, offering instant control over the overall colour of your mix. With a simple twist, you can dynamically adjust the mood of your track, achieving the desired tonal balance effortlessly.

The Magic knob is where FireEQ truly shines, implementing sophisticated dynamic processing to enhance your audio. By intelligently amplifying quiet elements and attenuating louder ones, FireEQ ensures a smooth and consistent sound, just like a multiband compressor.

Furthermore, FireEQ provides unparalleled control over the stereo image with its Side/Mid knobs. These knobs allow you to adjust the gain of neighbouring frequencies in both mid and side signals, empowering you to sculpt the perfect balance and width for your tracks.

Try it out

FireEQ is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAWs on Windows and Mac. If you are not sure if it suits your projects, get a 15-day fully working trial version; try it today!

Don't miss the intro pricing

To celebrate the launch, we offer early adopters an impressive 85% introductory discount (€99->€15). The product documentation ensures users can unlock the full potential of FireEQ, making the most of its advanced features.