Introducing BassRift

New Plugin with an 81% discount

May 7, 2024 | jt

It's time to fuel your basslines like never before with BassRift plugin, our new plugin. BassRift is designed for speed, power, and maximum simplicity. It is the all-in-one solution for crafting spine-tingling electronic basslines that dominate the mix.

Split and merge

BassRift seamlessly separates your bass signal's low and high frequencies, allowing you to sculpt a tight, rumbling bottom end while adding captivating effects to the upper frequencies. And it merges both signals in the final stage, adding the final polish.

Safe Bass

Thanks to the Safe Bass component, BassRirt can preserve and enhance the potency of your bass tracks. It features a compressor, enhancer, and mono consolidation for impactful presence across various platforms.

Add FX

The upper frequencies run through BassRift's three-stage effect section, offering four effects per module and easy dual knob control for maximum speed and versatility. Three sets of effects are available - modulation, space/time and saturation. 

Try it out

Whether you're producing EDM, modern pop, hip-hop, or any genre that demands a relentless low-end presence, BassRift is your indispensable tool for sculpting the foundation of your tracks with unparalleled speed, power, and efficiency.

BassRift is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAWs on Windows and Mac. If you are unsure if it suits your projects, get a 15-day fully working trial version; try it today!

Don't miss the intro pricing

BassRift's price is set at €79, but to celebrate the launch, we offer an impressive 81% introductory discount for early adopters. Get BassRift for only €15 until June 6.