Randomachine - 100% off (time-limited)

Introducing a new randomizer

April 15, 2024 | jt

Precise and perfect are not always desired. Sometimes, you need to apply little imperfections to your samples to make your creation sound real and alive. Whether those are steps, gunshots, or hi-hat hits, it doesn’t matter. Do you want subtle differences or massive changes? Randomachine can cover any needs you may have. Copy-pasted and repeated samples can sound unique.

Randomachine is a tool for effortlessly generating diverse iterations of your samples. It is ideal for film, game sound design, or electronic music production, but it breaks free from uniformity and mechanical rigidity.

6 effects/3 ways to use

Harnessing six unique changers, Randomachine randomly adjusts multiple parameters of effects like Pitch and Formant Shifter, Ambience, Saturation, Panorama, and Time offset with each trigger, ensuring no two hits are alike.

Randomachine has three versatile triggering options – Audio input, project tempo, and MIDI information. It adapts to diverse audio materials and production needs. In Transient mode, Randomachine responds instantaneously to incoming signals, while in Sync mode, it synchronizes changes with your music's tempo. For precise control, MIDI mode lets you dictate when randomization occurs.

Free for a time-limited period

Randomachine is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAWs on PC and Mac. Its regular price is €49, but you can get it for free until April 21. (From April 22 till May 21, Randomachine will be available for the intro price of €9. 

To get Randomachine for free (before April 21), you have to go to the product page, add Randomachine to your cart and check out for €0 (otherwise, you won't get a license). 

If you've missed the FREE intro period, experience Randomachine firsthand with a FREE 15-day unlimited trial, unlocking its full potential without saving limits or restrictions. Engage with the plugin in your projects and unleash its powers to breathe life into your sounds