Verbum Entropic Hall: Intro sale extended

New plugin by SounDevice Digital with 40% off

28 January 2020 | JT

You may have dozens of reverbs and still, there is always room for one more. Especially when talking about a reverb like Verbum Entropic Hall

Although United Plugins already have a great sounding reverb in the portfolio (yes, we are talking about JMG Sound Hyperspace) we decided to come up with another. But wait, not „just another“.

Verbum Entropic Hall is inspired by the early age digital reverbs. Its hall algorithm is enriched by pleasant analogue saturation. 

Thanks to chaotic reflections applied in Verbum‘s algorithm, the sound of this „Entropic Hall“ is very live and authentic. The reverb is great on vocals, acoustic instruments or drums. But it can be used literally on any material.

It‘s not only the vintage-style photo-realistic 3D GUI that reminds the history of studio production. Verbum is equipped with a 12-BIT button which triggers simulation of old AD/DA converters giving your sound pleasant and interesting grain. 

Verbum is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU host applications on both Windows (8 and higher) and macOS (10.10 and higher). The price is set to €119 ($132). The intro price (€69/$77) is available through February 18.

As always you can get your 15-days fully working trial version.