Anniversary Sales (Part 1)

Hyperspace discounted massively

03/30/20 | JT

Despite the current events it‘s always good to find a reason to cheer up. And we have that reason. United Plugins are celebrating their first BIRTHDAY.

Yes, it‘s been a year since we finished the first plugins of ours. A year ago the first artists had a chance to install our plugins in their computers to perform the last tests to approve our work is ready for the public eye (and ear of course). We‘ve come a long way since. Our portfolio now consists of eight plugins and the number will grow very soon (prepare for it).

Hyperspace with 60% off

As a part of the celebration, we are now going to offer a series of massive discounts on the initial plugins. We are starting with Hyperspace which will be sold with a 60% discount (€129/€52) until April 15.

Hyperspace is an algorithmic reverb created by Jason Gibbins (of JMG Sound) allowing the user to create algorithms made up of various processors. This unique attitude was one of the reasons Computer Music Magazine asked us to create a special version for their readers. Don‘t hesitate and grab the 15-days fully working trial version now to see why it is so unique.