Anniversary Sales (Part 2)

Updated Royal Compressor with huge discount

04/13/20 | JT

SoundDevice Digital improved their Royal Compressor with a brand new feature and discounted the plugin for two weeks. The first United Plugins birthday party continues.

SounDevice Digital is joining the United Plugins Anniversary sales with a huge discount on their Royal Compressor plugin. Royal Compressor is available with a 60% discount (€129/€52) until the end of April

Royal Compressor has recently been updated to version 1.8 that brings an important improvement. From now on you control the upsampling. The feature can be called by right-clicking the plugin background. Then you may choose from 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x oversampling. That increases the internal processing quality leading to more accuracy and precision in the outcoming sound. Of course, this increases the CPU load so it is recommended to use the feature mainly for exports. 

The oversampling feature is also available for those who decide not to activate the plugin after the trial period and use it as so-called "Second Hand Version".