MeldaProduction new release

All plugins have been officially updated to 14.05 and MSuperLooper released

04/24/20 | JT

14.05 is an important update which comes with several improvements, features and fixes. It is recommended to install this update. To do that, get the newest version from our download page and use it. The update includes all MP plugins available on and it is free for all current users.

So what's new in the version?

Added compander section to MSaturator and MSaturatorMB (including MXXX) for more stable "analogue" saturation.

Added Dry parameter to MStereoGenerator.

"Maximize signal strength to 0dB" switch has been exchanged for percentual "Maximize" control in MDynamics, MDynamicsMB and MTurboComp, including MXXX.

Upsampling can now only be a power of 2 and the range has been extended to 1024x in most plugins.

MRecorder now also stores Record and Pause states, for some obscure cases.

Added Speed parameter to MMetronome.

Added 3rd party flag to MXXX devices.

Added "Functional outside note range" switch to MIDI note controllers.

Small improvements to the installer.

Added "Export mono IR" feature to MCabinet.

Fix: Changing drum source didn't store an undo point in MDrummer in MXXX.

Fix: Plugins could potentially freeze on startup in some DAWs searching for updates.

Fix: Locking a component in MDrummer in MXXX didn't avoid changing it using next/previous/random component features.

Fix: Titles of collapsed panels could end up overlayed with title buttons.

Fix: Installer wasn't selecting MDoubleTracker when clicking on MMixingBundle.

Fix: Invert button in MFreeformEqualizer might have not updated the audio processing in some rare situations.

Fix: Attaching MBassador's Range to a multiparameter in "Range to 20kHz" mode was displaying incorrect units.

Fix: Changing preset colours via randomization could cause crashes.

Fix: Prefiltering in MFreqShifter and MFreqShifterMB could cause clicks when modulated around 0Hz.

Additionally, a new plugin has been released - MSuperLooper, a powerful multitrack looper for live performances and capturing ideas.