Anniversary Sales (Part 3)

FireCobra discounted

04/29/20 | JT

After discounting Hyperspace and Royal Compressor our Anniversary Sales continue. This time you can save a huge amount of money on the favourite enhancer.

Intelligence in Audio Enhancing

FireCobra is an enhancer that intelligently analyses the audio signal and makes it sound punchier, more powerful and better in general. It improves the mixes with nearly no time wasted on setting up. Just put it on every track you'd like to enhance and set how much. 

FireCobra is now available with a 60% discount (€129/€52). The anniversary price is available through May 18

FireCobra is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU host applications on both Windows (8 and higher) and macOS (10.10 and higher). Don‘t hesitate and grab the 15-days fully working trial version now to see why it is so unique.