Introducing MorphVerb

Muramasa team debuts with a sophisticated reverb plugin

05/07/20 | JT

United Plugins introduce Muramasa, a new brand in the portfolio. Their first plugin is a futuristic reverb called MorphVerb.

Blend your reverb

MorphVerb covers all reverb types you could think of - Spring, Ambience, Echoes, Room, Chamber or Plate. It also features great spaces like Hall or Cathedral and your reverb can even be Infinite.

MorphVerb fills the gaps between reverb styles and gives almost infinite possibilities. As the name suggests you can not only switch between the reverb types.  MorphVerb gives you a chance to blend smoothly between any two neighbouring types. 

Furthermore, MorhpVerb provides advanced features like Ducking which makes sure that your tracks won't drown in the reverb. The reverb sound can be saturated and compressed.  


MorphVerb is also user friendly. Some people like 3D graphics better, some prefer flat design. You may choose which GUI suits your more and switch between 3D and 2D any time. 

2 levels of intro discount

MorphVerb is compatible with major VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €149. But you may grab the hyper-intro discount which gives you 88% (€19) off until May 9 . After this date, the price rises to intro discount. Morphverb will be available with 74% off (€39) through May 24