Any FREE stuff at United Plugins?

2nd hand gear can still be very useful

03/27/20 | JT

Of course, there is something to improve your sound without paying a single cent. And we don't mean the 15-days fully working trial versions now. There are two plugins in our portfolio, that you can freely use forever.

Although you cannot find anything labelled "FREE" among our products, there is one plugin you can use completely costless. We call it Royal Compressor 2nd Hand EditionThis awesome vari-mu compressor simulation that gives your tracks unique colour and saturation is a worn-out version of the Soundevice Royal Compressor. The only difference is that some of its knobs are broken which makes a few features unavailable.

Royal Compressor 2nd Hand

Nothing can be easier. Download Royal Compressor's trial version and test it in your projects. If you don't decide to activate, some of the knobs will fall off after the 15-days trial period. The plugin will work without any annoying noises and you will still be able to use its wonderful saturation in your projects. Activating the plugin with a purchased license will give you complete control of the plugin.

Front DAW 2nd Hand

Also, Front DAW doesn't have to be registered to work forever with limited features. After the trial period expires you will lose control over pre-amp type, Mojo and the hi-pass filter will be off. But you will still have great analogue saturation using minimum CPU power.