Why have you not heard of us?

It is not your fault you know nothing about the United Plugins

05/31/19 | JT

Do not blame yourself for not knowing the United Plugins brand. There are many plugin manufacturers. But the real reason you could not have noticed us is that we are brand new. Our company is officially entering the music industry business on June 3. So let us introduce ourselves.

United Plugins company consists of several independent brands or more precisely development teams. JMG Sound, FireSonic and SounDevice Digital design their plugins according to their long term studio experience. The union was founded to let the teams concentrate on creative work only. United Plugins brand is their contact with the outer world, sort of speak. 
We mentioned three brands. But all that wouldn't be possible if there wasn't another honourable member of the union - MeldaProduction. You may see a selection of fine products of this well-established plugins developer on United Plugins page, too. That is because Melda not only helps the young teams with advice but also provides United Plugins with licensing and distribution system. 
Well, enough about us for now. Let our work speak for us. All our plugins have 15-days fully working trial versions. Download them at the respective product pages to experience our work in your projects. 
And the newest ones are sold with 40% introductory discount until the end of June. Don't miss it.