FireMaster with 50% off

Summer Sales are beginning

07/01/20 | JT

Are you feeling like it‘s getting warmer? Of course. It‘s FireTime.

FireSonic opens United Plugins summer sales season. So the hot summer can be even hotter because you may now grab recently reviewed FireMaster with 50% discount

FireMaster is the ultimate finisher. This sonic exciter will give your tracks more body, air and perfect balance. It is meant to be inserted as the last effect on any track to give it the final polish. It is the extra push that will make your bass, vocals, drums or final mix sound stronger than your competitors. The simplicity of use is based on the number of presets. You may choose one that fits your needs and just by driving the Wet/Dry control, you add the desired amount of perfectness.

FireMaster is provided with 15-days fully working trial version. The regular price is €99 but you can get it for €49 until July 21.