Entropic Hall turned Tropical

Summer Sales Continue (Verbum 50% off)

07/20/20 | JT

Ready to save some money for your drinks? It‘s getting even warmer! It is so hot, that our Entropic Hall turned Tropical.

:) No, not really. No design changes, no sound changes. Only the price changed for a while as Verbum Entropic Hall enters our Summer Sales. Get 50% off until August 10.

Verbum Entropic Hall is one of the most realistic vintage-style reverbs out there. It's based on long term exploration of SounDevice studio's vintage hardware collection with the desire to combine the best from both analogue and digital worlds.

Advanced late reflections treatment algorithm ensures that your tracks will never sound sterile, artificial and boring. Chaotic reflections bring life to your tracks. Verbum is also equipped with 12 BIT button. which triggers simulation of old AD/DA converters giving your sound pleasant and interesting grain.

Verbum Entropic Hall price is set to €119. The summer price €59 is available through August 10.

Don't know if you need Verbum? Grab the 15-days fully working trial version and find out.