Happy New Versions 2021

All plugins updated to V2.0

31 December 2020 | JT

Those who were hoping the New Year would bring something better than the year 2020 are right. At least concerning United Plugins. All our plugins got a brand new core which is much more CPU friendly and also compatible with new macOS and the new M1 Apple processor.

Although our first plugins were published in 2019 we never stop working on them and improving them. They never get obsolete. As a result of that process, we are introducing new versions for our whole product line (currently including Royal Compressor, Hyperspace, FireCobra, FireMaster, FirePresser, FireCharger, Autoformer, QuickAG, Morphverb, Verbum, SubBass Doctor 808, Transmutator, FrontDAW, DIFIX).  

New Macs

With the upcoming version 2.0, all of our plugins got compatibility with the latest macOS Big Sur. But not just that. We are among the first companies that optimized the plugins for M1 equipped Apple computers. 

Sound and Efficiency

From now on, our plugins feature Intelligent sleep on silence function. With this function on the plugins turn on only if they receive signal on input and they automatically turn off all processes when their output produces no sound (typically after the last reflection or delay fades away). This saves a lot of CPU. Mainly in cases when you use the plugins‘ oversampling function.  

You can access the function in the plugins‘ right-click menu.  

And there is one more important thing. The new versions come up with saturation antialiasing which nicely improves the sound quality of the saturation algorithms. 

Free Update

As usually, the update is free for any existing users. Happy New Year and thank you for your continuous support.