Voxessor - Let your voice be heard

Introducing a new plugin with €100 intro discount

6 January 2021 | JT

SounDevice Digital proudly introduces the all-in-one tool for creating stunning voice-overs. A 78% intro discount is available for time-limited period.

Almost everybody needs to create a voice-over from time to time. Especially those who create ads, videos, documentaries, audio-books or podcasts. Everyone wants their voice sound great but with a minimum time spent. That is exactly what Voxessor - the new plugin by SounDevice Digital - offers.

Quick operation

Voxessor works in two stages. First, you set up the speaker’s character with one knob that fluently sweeps through internal multiband EQ settings. Simply choose how manly or how girly your character should sound.

Once you decide you have got the right setting you may go even further. Let Voxessor analyze your speaker’s voice. Then you may match its EQ with what our sound engineers consider ideal in the category (based on a thorough analysis of lots of voice over samples).

… and more

Voxessor also features a tunable de-esser and an autovolume function. A smart dynamics section with one-knob compressor and gate controls is also available. All parameters of the section are set internally, tuned to work with dialogue and voiceover applications.

Intro discount - 78% off

Voxessor is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS (including the new M1 chips equipped machines and Big Sur – as are all United Plugins effects from now on).

The price is set to €129. But you may grab the intro price which gives you €100 off (€29) off until January 31. As usually, a 15-days fully working trial version will give you the full experience - don't hesitate to try...