2021 Summer Update

Easier activation system

17 August 2021 | jt

We are not exploring beaches. We are thinking how to improve our plugins. For you.

We used the hot and lazy summer time to make our plugins even hotter than before (of course, they are not lazy at all. We decided to update all of them so they would be compatible with the most recent DAWs and operating systems. Also they are all getting updated core to get the features only the newest plugins had - such as CPU saving Intellingent Sleep on Silence function (right-click menu). 

Comfort in activation

We have also improved the online functionality of the plugins. You may now check for updates or activate the plugins just by typing in your e-mail address and UnitedPlugins account password. 

Current versions: Royal Compressor 2.1, FireCobra 2.1, Hyperspace 2.1, Front DAW 2.1, FireMaster 2.1, Autoformer 2.1, Verbum Entropic Hall 2.2, FirePresser 2.1, MorphVerb 2.1, SubBass Doctor 808 2.1, Quick AG 2.2, Transmutator 2.1, FireCharger 2.1, DIFIX 2.3, Voxessor 1.3, Orbitron 1.1, QuickBass 1.2, Expanse 3D 1.1, Electrum 1.2

Download your updates here.