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Introducing UniChannel

New vintage-style plugin with 81% off

3 November 2021 | jt

UniChannel will turn your DAWs mixer into a vintage-style rack. The new plugin is available now with an 81% introductory discount.

Our analogue enthusiasts team - SounDevice Digital - has created a new analogue-style beast. 

UniChannel combines 9 vintage-analogue-style devices into one mighty effect. Build your ultimate channel strip using one of three preamps (British, American, German), three old-school equalizers and three vintage-style compressors. That gives you a chance to build (at least) 27 gear combinations that will improve your vocals, drums, guitars, bass tunes… its presets are ready for simply anything. Well, try it on your tracks to find out how it sounds. A 15-days fully working trial version is available as usual. 

Also the new version of VARM II (Variable Analogue Random Modeling technology) introduced in the last version of FrontDAW. Thanks to VARM II, each plugin instance acts slightly different. It models the randomness of the subtle differences of the values in the electrical parts.

UniChannel is compatible with the majority of VST/AAX/AU DAW applications on both Windows and macOS. The price is set to €149. But you may grab the intro price (81% off - €33) until the end of November.