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QuickAG 2nd hand edition

Free way to mix acoustic guitars

14 November 2021 | jt

We have just released a new version (2.3) of our QuickAG plugin. This all-in-one acoustic guitar solution includes a compressor, EQ, saturator and doubler.

The main change in this version is the way the plugin acts after the 15-days fully working trial version expires. Instead of generating noises, the plugin remains fully functional (soundwise). QuickAG 2.3 turns into a FREE second-hand version and only loses the chance to tweak some of the parameters. But you can take the advantage of using a mighty FREE plugin. Presets made with a full version remain functional in the FREE version.

QuickAG joins three other UnitedPlugins' fx that use the same "expired trial" system. FrontDAW, Royal Compressor and QuickBass.

How to get it?

That's easy - just download the QuickAG trial version and let it expire. No activation or registration is needed.