Introducing United Guitar Bundle

5 guitar plugins for just €199

July 4, 2022 | jt

We are proudly introducing the ultimate set of 5 guitar plugins at a bargain price.

Our guitar oriented plugins line is complete for a while. And so we can now pack all the guitar necessities into one bundle that contains 5 plugins at total cost €525. We are introducing United Guitar Bundle.


DIFIX deploys several independent sophisticated processes to level the sound and adds a little bit of analogue saturation as if you used a real DI-box.


Electrum is the all-in-one single-screen guitar solution. The last amplifier and pedalboard your guitar will ever need. It matches any guitar style or technique.


A multi-effect all-in-one one-screen bass solution built around the most flexible bass amp that was ever made. Bassment is an amp that contains them all.  


QuickAG is the shortcut to the perfect and natural acoustic instruments sound. 


QuickBass is here to give you the quick EQ, quick compression, quick saturation, and fatness in no time. QuickBass is the ultimate bass polisher and finalizer. 

Try them

All the plugins offer 15-days fully working trial versions. If you already own any of the included plugins your price will reduce accordingly after you sign in.